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When I meet a new client, I am filled with anticipation of the good things to come. On first glance of the home, I don’t see stuff or a mess, I see a home chock full of family history, comfort, and joy.  

On first glance of new clients; I see anxiety, embarrassment, and angst on their faces. I am greeted with “I am ashamed of how I have let the house get away from me” or “I can’t believe I finally called or “I embarrassed to have friends over.”

Seniors who feel judged by family and friends often think that I am going to do the same. When I see a new client, I only see solutions to transforming their space into a more livable, safer home that has more light, more air and more freedom of movement.  

If my clients could DIY a process to create a more organized home, they wouldn’t need me. By the time I enter the picture, they are overwhelmed, and I don’t cast judgement upon them for that. I am thrilled and honored to receive the call. I know it takes courage and I feel grateful when you ALLOW ME to help. It is not an easy path to navigate so taking the first step of calling me is no small feat!

Taking any leap of faith is uncomfortable – downright scary! Once you do, the habits that lead to disorganization, accumulation of belongings, guilty feelings and clutter can truly change. It is in facing the fear that we will get results.

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I strive to be patient, calm, and encouraging while working with you to ease the transitions and anxieties. I help you let go of the belonging to cherish the memory while creating a sense of accomplishment. This is challenging emotional and physical work, so I continue to congratulate you on your successes every step of the way since this is a task you have be dodging for a long time.

I work with you to identify the pain points that start the clutter and encourage you to learn the skills necessary to overcome falling back into old habits.  I also check in every few weeks to confirm you are happy with the work and moving forward with the new organization with grace and dedication.

If you are afraid of working with a Senior Move Manager, you are in good company.  Take that leap of faith and call Allow Me so I can cherish the memories with you, release the angst and guilt, clear away the clutter, and help you live your best life safely in your present home or clear the way to begin your next chapter.

Instead of living in fear of judgement, think about how much worse your environment can become without any action. I hope you’ll 

ALLOW ME to take that weight off your shoulders and replace with a renewed sense of wellbeing. CALL today for a consultation.

Kathy Kurek
Allow Me Senior Move Management
(914) 443-0482

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