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cluttered and unclutterd shelvesDo you feel like your space is shrinking? Six months ago, it all fit and now you’re paying for offsite storage? Are you nervous that Martha Stewart is going to show up, open a closet and write you a ticket? Pathfinders Downsizing Solutions takes a comprehensive evaluation approach and helps position your mindset to unify function and storage to work for you, not against you. The key to long term organization is to develop a structural system that leverages utility and aesthetics.

Are you looking for professional organizer in Tampa FL?

Sorting and decluttering are part of the project but having a professional partner to help guide you through the process of objective decision making accelerates meeting your goals, your success! Sometimes the solutions may lead to creatively using compartmentalizing tools that are at hand and sometimes a redesign to maximize the space efficiency is the answer.

Our home organizers service will eliminate the clutter.

We even have solutions for what to do with the “stuff” that is no longer serving you. Monetizing valuables, finding meaningful homes for donations, and just removing the rubbish. Just because something may no longer serves you, doesn’t mean it can’t serve another – trash to treasure.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to remember and access your belongings going forward.



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What Our Clients Have To Say
The ladies from Pathfinders Downsizing Solutions were instrumental in helping us move through the various stages of the downsizing process. They have helped many of the other residents here, who all sing their praises.
Joanne Moore
Retired Head Master
From their outstanding customer service, to their elbow grease and hard work, to their follow-up even months after the move, they have become prominent figures within our community that we are forever grateful for.
Johanna Potter
Director of Hospitality
Both Renee and Janeen are most knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional from the first introduction through the move in process and beyond. I consider Path Finders to be more a partner than a vendor.
Darlene McCann
Director of Sales and Marketing

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