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Serving the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Please contact us if you reside outside of this area, we may be able to manage your move for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is required to do daily temperature checks, use N95 masks, disposable gloves, booties, and eye protection. We are regularly scheduling swab Covid testing every two weeks. Because of our commitment to our clients and the communities that we serve, we have recently earned our COVID-19 certification from the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM).

Our initial consultation is complementary and free and usually lasts up to an hour.

Since each of our clients have a unique circumstance and need the cost can vary by client. The initial consultation allows us to evaluate the project in full. We do require a deposit, bill only for our time, and usually have 15-day payment terms.

Pathfinders Downsizing feels very strongly that it would be a conflict of interest for us to sell your belongings. However, we do refer our clients to estate sale and subject matter re-sale solutions. We understand what is marketable, but we do not profit from the sale of your belongings.

Absolutely! We will work together to ensure deadlines are met, and the goal is accomplished without everyone becoming overwhelmed.

We want you to share with us those items that really mean the most to you. We will also be looking for items that will leverage a lot of function for you in your new home. We do our best to make your new space feel like a smaller and safer version of home.

If you wish us to do so, yes, we can conduct an inventor. We have a variety of levels of detail that we can execute based on your needs. We will determine what your challenges are during our initial consultation and take it from there.

Although we can dispose of outdated medications, it is your responsibility to transport your prescription medications and valuables to your new home. Often, we suggest a small box be established and filled with any personal items that you would want to handle personally as we begin the packing process.

We are happy to pack and move vitamins and over-the-counter products to your new downsized home.

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