Who’s Coming To Dinner?

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Was it only a year ago when the question, “Who’s coming to dinner?” was asked that our hands enthusiastically shot up in the air with a resounding “Count me in!” ringing loud and clear through the house, over the phone, in a text, a tweet, an instant message or an Instagram? 

We put the leaf in the dining room table making room for friends and family.  Secret recipes are whisked out of hiding where they have been closely guarded until the appointed time.  The assignments for side dishes are strategically handed out.   We press the table cloths. We fold the napkins.  We ponder table-scapes. We give much consideration to place settings and seating arrangements.  It’s Thanksgiving ya’ll!  The time of year we most look forward to where more than just the turkey gets stuffed!

 We elbow our way to the table, wedging in between grands, parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, siblings and sometimes strangers because there’s always room for “one more”.    We look around the table filled with those we love, surrounded by fabulous foods; both appear like magic but once a year.  Thankful we bow our heads to say grace and pray for blessings in the year to come.  Then we all dig in!

 Afterwards, we waddle to the living room and sit around to visit, wishing desperately we had worn our stretchy pants. We just want to be close to each other, to hear familiar voices and see beloved faces. Cups of coffee, pieces of pie and the sound of laughter harmonize as we catch up and tell stories.  We share the bounty and the burdens of the year behind us – thankful we are all here together – together makes us stronger and in that we gain courage and find comfort to face another year.


That, my friends, was the memory of Thanksgiving’s past.  Things sure have changed haven’t they?  This year, “Who’s coming to dinner?” sadly translates into, “Is anyone coming to dinner?”   A lot of us will be alone; shut in and feeling shut out of the world we once knew. Those we couldn’t wait to see won’t be coming. Strangely, those we didn’t want to see, we wouldn’t mind spending some time with.  TV trays will probably replace the banquet table. They say Thanksgiving has been locked down; well I say, “Hog wash”.  There may be a ban on the number of people at our table but no one can put a ban on the number of people in our hearts.   Don’t fret, we can still gather and be grateful.  

You know what… this may be the year where electronics are finally allowed at the table. 

Let’s have a virtual Thanksgiving!  Put a mask on that turkey and prepare to face time, Facebook video, Google Duo, Zoom or Skype our way to Thanksgiving dinner!

We can make our own fun.  Celebrate family and friends even if we have to prop the phone up on the salt shaker.  Where would grandma sit, let’s put the iPad there and call them up.   Get some face time.  We can still be together.  We can make those special dishes – together.

Go ahead, set out the good dishes and grab some flowers or greenery from the yard.  Turkey for one can be done or make a feast and share it with someone in need.  This may not be the Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving we’ve all come to love but it will be a Thanksgiving to remember.  A statement of our resolve; we will not eat dressing alone!  We will rally. 

Try a new recipe. 

Make a new cocktail. 

Put on some tunes!

Have some fun!

 It’s important that we all get together to give thanks regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.    We can choose to be thankful, even in the midst of a pandemic; for we have much to be grateful for.

Make plans for the future

The wonderful thing about technology … you can mute it. Wish we could do that to Cousin Bart.   In the peace and quiet of a tech Thanksgiving we may just have a moment for reflection.  As we look at the faces we love and remember those we have lost it may be time to consider the events of this year and ask ourselves, “Is this where I want to be next year?”  Is this how things should be?  What would I do differently?  Is it time for a change?  Do I need to re-evaluate my living arrangements?  Do I need to be closer to family or friends?  Do I need to consider alternatives in my lifestyle?

Now is a good time to ask those hard questions, as we feel the distance between us greater than we ever have.  It’s overwhelming, but we don’t have to do this alone.  Pathfinders Downsizing Solutions’ has been helping seniors and their families find workable solutions to these tough questions and many more.  This may be the time to make some changes – when you’re ready – Pathfinders can help.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. 

Authors Bio – Sherri Lanier-Goldston

Sherri Lanier-Goldston began working with Pathfinders Downsizing Solutions in February of 2019.  She has written for Nest Entertainment and is currently working on solo book projects for children and young adults.  She is a native Floridian and lives in Lutz with her family.

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