The Pathfinders Process: Moving and Downsizing From Start To Finish

moving boxes packed for the home

Moving and Downsizing from start to finish.

The process starts with a complimentary consultation. We ask questions and take lots of pictures, measurements and notes.The client receives a written estimate that outlines the path to effectively execute the moving process.

Every move is customized to your needs, time frame and concerns. We put together a floor plan to make sure items fit well into the new space while maintaining a safe environment. We do our very best to discover and space plan the sentimental items that are most precious to our clients. They have spent a life time gathering sweet memories and we want to honor those treasures.

It’s okay to say good-bye to and right-size your property.

However, sometimes the time comes that we say good bye and right-size. Through Project Good Works we partner with local area non-profits, furniture resellers, subject matter specialist and estate sale companies to either sell or give back to the community the items that are won’t be the very best service to the client in their new community. This strategy gives another life to items and a blesses programs that serve people that are restarting- like foster care, homeless veterans, domestic violence and human trafficking.

Our clients provide a generous impact to those neighbors in need as they transition and right-size. Usually, a couple days prior, we arrive to declutter and pack the client’s items according to the plan.

Moving day is here!

The morning of the move we handle the entire moving process and encourage our clients to take the day off! Working with the movers, everything is loaded and transported to the new community. There, it is resettled into the new space. When the client returns beds are made, dishes and items are put away according to plan. We love to give the gift of home!

diagram showing the moving process

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