Are You Playing “Mind Games”?

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Mind Games.  Most of us have our own ideas of what mind games are.  

We use our minds all the time, but are we using them for the better?   Are we keeping them in shape?   If we aren’t playing mind games, maybe we should be – for our own good.  Research shows that our brains begin to shrink at the age of 30. Our brain capacity and function are truly a “use it or lose it situation”.  Are there mental exercises that will keep our minds healthy?  You bet there are.

Seniors, Relationships and Cognition

The most important aspects of maintaining a healthy life for seniors seems to be activity and relationships.   As Senior Move Managers, we assist a lot of our clients who need direction and assistance in downsizing.  The team of Pathfinders Downsizing Solutions are passionate about our purpose and we often deal with loved ones who are cognitively impaired or just overwhelmed with the moving and downsizing process.  It can be stressful, emotional and heart breaking.   But we are devoted to forming relationships that last.  Relationships that build confidence, promote trust and restore dignity to seniors and their families during one of life’s’ most difficult stages. To our clients and their families, we try to show it every day by bringing comfort, clarity and resources in the midst of chaos.     

Resources like Fit Minds!  Just like a workout routine in the gym benefits from circuit training and working different areas of the body; to achieve the best results for your brain you need to mix it up and keep at it.  There is even a Personal Trainer for the Mind™!  Pathfinders Downsizing Solutions would like to introduce you to Kerri Shaver with Fit Minds.

Quality of Mind = Quality of Life

Fit Minds is a mission-based organization in Tampa that specializes in Life Changing Mental Stimulation.  They assist seniors in recapturing their cognitive skills, increasing their quality of life while providing meaningful engagement and maintaining their dignity.

We had a few questions for Kerri who’s passion, conviction and enthusiasm was contagious.

Q. What is the most important thing we can do for our brain at any age?

A. I think we need to think of our brains like we do our bodies…just like the importance of physical activity, it’s just as important to keep your mind strong.  So, I think people need to start focusing on that early on – don’t wait for a diagnosis.  If you are retired and aren’t as active as you use to be – start working with a coach.  Start the fight early.  I think that’s the most important thing.

Q. Most of us are aware we need to exercise, rest, eat right to keep out bodies healthy.  It seems that we negate the fact our brain requires this same care and attention.  What do you think the disconnect is regarding brain health?

A.  I think it goes way back to like a stigma, as you got older you lost your mind.  I think people accepted it for what it was; “I’m getting old, I’m going to forget things – then things are going to get bad”.  Because there’s no pill that cures dementia – it’s become accepted.  

Q.  Fit Minds exercises 5 key areas of cognition: Language and Music, Visual/Spatial orientation, Memory, Critical Thinking and Computation. What makes these exercises successful?

A.  The real key -novel, complex, exercises – every time.
*Each session is different
*All our content is adult level
*You will never see cartoons or silly things – we aim to maintain their dignity.  They want to feel like they are doing good work and working on their mind.

Q.  Do you think Fit Minds is important for seniors and why?

A. Absolutely!  It’s a couple of things:
*To improve their quality of Life
*Provide another meaningful relationship
*Working out their minds to stay healthy
*and most importantly, they are fighting the progression of dementia.

So many articles have come out regarding the impact of cognitive stimulation – AARP, The Wall Street Journal and most recently Stanford Health.  We’re so busy focusing on our daily life we’ve forgotten about the neck up.

Q.  As we become more health conscious a lot of attention is given to clean living, organic foods, homeopathic and natural remedies.  Is Fit Minds more of a non-pharmaceutical solution?

A.  Oh Yeah! When we think of the health of a senior, I believe it’s a combo effect, working their minds and providing that relationship, so again, until there’s a cure, we have to look to other methods and cognitive stimulation is a proven method.

Having this conversation with Fit Minds brings home the importance of having all sorts of resources available for our parents and grandparents as they transition through various changes that come as they age.  Pathfinders are naturally “connectors” and if we can help others find their way through the process, we are happy to be the conduit!

Authors Bio – Sherri Lanier-Goldston

Sherri Lanier-Goldston began working with Pathfinders Downsizing Solutions in February of 2019.  She has written for Nest Entertainment and is currently working on solo book projects for children and young adults.  She is a native Floridian and lives in Lutz with her family.

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